State Wide Area Network (Raj SWAN)

A. Introduction - SWAN

Wide Area Network (WAN) is an advanced telecommunication infrastructure, which is used now-a-days extensively, for exchange of data and other types of information between two or more locations, separated by significant geographical distances. The medium of connectivity can be copper, optical fibre cable or wireless, as may be found feasible. Such wide area networks, in a way, create a highway for electronic transfer of information in the form of voice, video and data.

Department of IT (DIT) in Government of India is implementing an approved Scheme known as State Wide Area Network (SWAN) Scheme, envisaged to create such a connectivity in each State / UT, to bring speed, efficiency, reliability and accountability in overall system of Government-to-Government (G2G) functioning. When fully implemented, SWAN would work as a converged backbone network for voice, video and data communications across each State/ UT. SWAN is designed to cater to the governance information and communication requirements of all the State/ UT Departments. When fully implemented, SWANs across the country are expected to cover at least 50000 departmental offices through 1 million (10 Lacs) route Kilometers of communication links.

Implementation of the SWAN Scheme is in full swing in 33 States/ UTs and the Department of IT has so far approved an outlay of Rs. 1965 Crores of GIA for this purpose


    As a part of the overall initiatives of e-Governance, Government of Rajasthan (GoR) proposes to setup a Rajasthan State Wide Area Network (RajSWAN) to establish the communication infrastructure with an aim to improve the administrative efficiency and effectiveness, thereby improving the quality of service to common man. Through implementing RajSWAN, the GoR wishes to achieve the following:

    • To provide reliable vertical and horizontal communication corridor within the state administration to make Government more productive and compatible for electronic transactions.
    • To achieve e-Governance commitment and bring governance closer to public.
    • To provide efficient service delivery system.
    • To strengthen Disaster Management Capacity.
  2. RajSWAN Architecture:

    The entire RajSWAN is logically divided into two network segments as depicted in the picture below.

    • Vertical segment
    • Horizontal segment
      • 1 SHQ PoP (State Data Centre [SDC], Yojana Bhawan, Jaipur)
      • 32 DHQ PoPs (1 at each Zila Parishad)
      • 240 BHQ PoPs (1 at each Block of the state)
      • 22 Offices at each of the DHQ location to be connected to respective DHQ PoP except Jaipur since all horizontal offices at Jaipur are being covered under SecLAN project.
      • 17 Offices at each of the BHQ locations to be connected to respective BHQ PoP.
      • 33 Collectorate Offices to be connected over OFC with respective DHQ PoP.
      Vertical Segment: The Vertical segment of RajSWAN is composed of a total of 280 Point of Presence (PoPs) spread across the State. These 280 PoPs are to be established at: - Horizontal Segment: Under Horizontal Segment it is proposed to initially connect 3381 offices across the State and subsequently more offices may be connected as and when required. The details of the offices to be covered under Horizontal segment is as under:-




  3. Integration with Other Govt. Networks:

    It is also proposed that the RajSWAN shall also be integrated with other existing/ upcoming Govt. networks like: SecLAN (Secretariat Local Area Network) and Jaipur City Metropolitan Area Network

    • State Data Centre (SDC)
    • 33 District Data Centers
    • CARISMA Network
    • NIC Network (NICNet)
    • Any other existing network of different govt. departments

B. Activities Completed so Far


  • 24/01/2007 – Funds for Site preparation (PoP) were released to all the District Collectors.
  • 21/12/2009 – DIT (GoI) approved the Draft RFP document
  • 10/02/2010 - NIT issued by RajCOMP (Nodal Agency)
  • 13/09/2010 – Six Bids received by RajCOMP
  • 13/09/2010 – Pre-Qualification Bids of all the bidders were opened for evaluation
  • 22/11/2010 - Technical Bids of all the bidders were opened for evaluation
  • 04/03/2011 – Financial bids of five bidders were opened for evaluation
  • Evaluation of Financial Bids completed and Letter-of-Intent (LoI) was placed to L1 Bidder (M/s Bharti Airtel Ltd., Jaipur) on 14-03-2011.
  • Work Order placed - 15-04-2011.
  • Nodal Officers at District & Block Level have been appointed.
  • VC under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Rajasthan has been held on 2 June, 2011.
  • 229 Vertical PoPs have been established all over the State.
  • Collection of the data for the Horizontal offices of various government departments has been completed and is now being finalized.
  • Office space provided to RSWAN-operator for effective coordination
  • 36.70 lakh additional budget has been sent to the districts for DHQ and BHQ preparation
  • VC minutes of meeting have been finalized.
  • 26/08/2011 - Signed the agreement with RajSWAN Operator for implementation, operation and Maintenance of RSWAN project.
  • 28/08/2011 - Initiation of division wise meeting through Video Conferencing under chairmanship of Secretary IT&C for constant monitoring of the progress of the project.
  • 06 Sept -12 Sept 2011 Division-wise meeting through Video Conferencing under chairmanship of Secretary IT&C.
  • 19 Sept 2011 meeting with District Collectors through Video Conferencing under chairmanship of Chief Secretary.
  • 29 Sept 2011 meeting regarding integration of RSWAN with other existing Network.
  • For RajSWAN project supervision and review purpose RajSWAN Portal ( was launched on 01 October, 2011, by Mr. Shrimat Pandey, Principal Secretary to government information and technology.
  • RajSWAN project kick-off meeting was organized on 14 October, 2011 to formally launch the project and to strengthen coordination between partners.
  • A meeting was convened under the chairmanship of Secretary lT&C with Nodal officers and DoIT&C representatives of all districts through Video Conferencing on 03 November for Horizontal Office data validation, Vertical PoP data updation on portal, Awareness workshops in districts, U.C. Status.
  • Selection of BSNL as the Bandwidth provider for RajSWAN project and Work Order for providing Bandwidth services has been awarded to them for vertical as well as horizontal segment.
  • Conduction of NeGP Workshop program in all districts to develop common understanding about the various NeGP projects, challenges and possible strategies in taking these projects forward, from 09 November to 01 December
  • 23 December 2011 – Video conference meeting held with District Collectors under chairmanship of Chief Secretary.
  • Handover/Taken over of almost all Vertical PoPs have been completed along with the Horizontal Office validation of all 33 districts.
  • Survey of State Head Quarter (SHQ) have been completed
  • Horizontal survey of all districts have been completed and submitted to RajSwan operator.
  • Project Monitoring Team (PMT) has been established
  • NOC room have been allocated to the RajSWAN Operator for implementation and monitoring purpose of the RajSWAN project.
  • Commissioned of 4 sites in Ajmer District (1 DHQ and 1 BHQ with an Horizontal Office at each level) and 2 sites in Jodhpur district (1 DHQ and 1 BHQ) and Commissioning of SHQ completed.
  • Bill of Material for DHQs, BHQs and Horizontal offices were approved and communicated to the RajSWAN Operator
  • Approval of Material Delivery Certificate format was given
  • Process of appointment of building nodal officers for vertical PoPs and Horizontal Offices initiated same was communicated to the district administration. Data collection is in process and soon would be updated in the RajSWAN Portal.
  • Final draft of Third Party Auditor RFP reviewed by Technical Committee and  send to DeitY  for final vetting
  • A meeting was convened under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary IT&C with Nodal officer CCTNS, BSNL and DoIT&C representatives on 29th May for reviewing the progress of the project so far.
  • IP Schema is being finalized for bandwidth allocation for the entire network.
  • IP Addressing Schema to be used in RajSWAN project was approved and shared with the RajSWAN Operator on 19.06.2012.
  • Video Conference Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Rajasthan on 28.06.2012 for reviewing the RajSWAN project.
  • Work Order to RajSWAN Operator for additional Horizontal offices buildings under Rajasthan State Wide Area Network (RajSWAN) project was issued on 19.07.2012.
  • Hiring of Agency for Project Management, Acceptance Testing and Consultancy services for RajSWAN project is under process. Bid was closed on 06.08.2012 & Techincal evaluation of the Bids received is in process.
  • A meeting to review all e-Governance projects was convened under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India on 20.07.2012.
  • A workshop was conducted on 23.7.2012 for District Technical Representatives as they will coordinate with RajSWAN operator on various technical matters and will also be associated in acceptance testing.
  • Revised work order was given for Commissioning of the required bandwidth for setting up 3497 Horizontal Office Buildings in Rajasthan and 4 Horizontal Office Buildings in New Delhi under the Rajasthan State Wide Area Network on 08 Aug, 2012.
  • As per the decision taken on 31st Aug., 2012, the RajSWAN project itme line has been extended upto 13 Dec, 2012.
  • A Meeting through Video Conferencing was held under the chairmanship of IT Secretary and Commissioner with all District Nodal officers, DoIT&C representatives and District Technical representatives on 11th Sep 2012.
  • Meeting was held between Principal Secretary, IT&C and Government of Rajasthan with Secretary Department of Telecom to discuss the issues regarding delay in procurement of MLLN equipments and issues related to BSNL on 24th Sep 2012.
  • RFP for hiring of third party auditors was issued on 14-Sep-2012 and pre-bid meeting was held on 27/09/2012. Technical Bid opened on 23.12.2012 and technical evaluation under process.
  • TCIL has been selected for PAT/FAT consultancy, Work Order is being issued to M/s TCIL
  • Partial payments for horizontal offices has been done to BSNL
  • A meeting headed by Chief Secretary was held on Dec 06, 2012(Thusday) for reveiw of RajSWAN Project.
  • Go-ahead for horizontal connectivity to BSNL for horizontal connectivity being given for 12 Districts in Rajasthan and 4 offices in Delhi. 
  • 01/01/2013 - Commissioning of link for horizontal offices / buildings at 6 districts and   Delhi PoP sites under RajSWAN Project.
  • 03/01/2013 - 254 Vertical PoP tested with SDC
  • 08/01/2013 - Work order to PWD given for preparation of SHQ PoP site at RISL, old SDC for RajSWAN Project.
  • 22/01/2013 - A meeting was held under the Chairman ship of Principal Secretary (IT&C) with RajSWAN Operator, BSNL and OEM to discuss various issues related with RajSWAN project.
  • 11/02/2013 - RajSWAN Project inaugurated by the honourable Chief Minister, Rajasthan as the Chief Guest  in 16th National Conference on e-Governance.
  • 22/03/2013 - Work Order was accorded to M/s PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd. vide work order no F4.9(07)/RISL/Tech/Misc/ 2011/III/10690 dated 22/03/2013 for providing services for “Third Party Auditing & Performance Monitoring Agency (TPA) for Rajasthan State Wide Area Network (RSWAN).
  • 30/03/2013 - Agreement signed between M/s Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. And RajCOMP Info Services Ltd.
  • 02/04/2013-  Acceptance of Work Order by M/s PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd. (PWC) for Third party Auditing & Performance Monitoring Agency (TPA) for RajSWAN Project.
  • 15/05/2013 - RajSWAN Project cost is revised from Rs. 189.79 Crores to Rs. 293.86 Crores. Administrative sanctioned is released by DOIT&C wide letter no. with Ref. No. F2 (202)/DoIT/Tech/2004/Pt. file/ I / 6890/2013.
  • 24/06/2013 - For Non-MLLN Modem, Bandwidth resizing matter has discussed in the Technical Committee meeting, resizing work completed, order issued to BSNL.
  • 25/06/2013 - Latest Progress of RajSWAN project intimated to DeitY.
  • 28/06/2013 - PIT and PAT for SHQ is ongoing by M/s TCIL.
  • 30/06/2013 - Total 592 Horizontal Buildings connected under the RajSWAN Project. Total 712 offices connected and Total 785 users are using RajSWAN Network in these offices.
  • 09/07/2013 - A meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary (IT & C), with key stack holders of RajSWAN project to discuss various issues related to implementation of project.
  • 20/07/2013 - Sample reports of PIT submitted by M/s TCIL have been approved by Technical committee.
  • 22/07/2013 - M/s TCIL (consultancy firm) has verified Bill of Material (BoM) for 225 sites among 273 sites as per approved PIT format.
  • 26/07/2013 - A meeting was held for the migration of IP phones from SecLAN Call Manager to RajSWAN Call Manager.
  • 31/07/2013 - Total 749 Horizontal Buildings are connected under the RajSWAN Project and Total 898 offices are connected on dated 31-07-13 and 934 users are using RajSWAN Network services in these offices. 
  • 31/07/2013 -Agreement signed between RISL & M/s. PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited (PwC) for appointing agency for providing Third Party Audit & Performance Monitoring services for Rajasthan State Wide Area Network.
  • 01/08/2013 -Service Level Agreement (SLA) signed between RISL and BSNL (CGMT, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur) for Vertical Segment & Commissioned Horizontal office and will be effective from 1st August, 2013.
  • 05/08/2013 -A meeting was held on August 5, 2013 (Monday) at O/o CGMT, Rajasthan Circle office with BSNL to discuss various issues related with RajSWAN.
  • 22/08/2013 -A meeting of the purchase committee (PC-IV) was held under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary,IT&C for approval of RFP for setting up of desktop based Video Conferencing solution/Facility in Rajasthan, over RajSWAN.
  • 30/09/2013 -Letter given to M/s TCIL for Partial Acceptance Test (PAT)/ Final Acceptance Test (FAT) of vertical Segment under RajSWAN Project.
  • 30/09/2013 -Total 1140 Horizontal Buildings are connected under the RajSWAN Project and Total 1360 offices are connected on date 30-09-2013 and 1300 users are using RajSWAN Network Services in these offices.
  • 04/10/13 - MoU signed between Department of Information Technology & Communication (DoIT&C) and RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. (RISL) for appointment of RISL as nodal agency for setting-up of video conference solution/ facility in Rajasthan.
  • 16/10/13 - M/s TCIL has submitted PoP Installation Testing (PIT) report.
  • 11/11/13 - Total 1597 Horizontal Buildings are connected under the RajSWAN Project and Total 1779 offices are connected as on 11-11-2013 and 1654 users are using RajSWAN Network Services in these offices.
  • 29/11/13 - Sample Partial Acceptance Testing (PAT) has done in 2 DHQ (Sawai Madhopur, Baran) and 2 BHQ (Newai, Degod) under RajSWAN Vertical segment.
  • 05/12/13 - Total 1863 Horizontal Buildings are connected under the RajSWAN Project and Total 1888 offices are connected as on 05-12-2013 and 1780 users are using RajSWAN Network Services in these offices.
  • 23/12/13:  Partial Acceptance Testing (PAT) has been started and physical visit of 16 DHQ and 17 BHQ has done under RajSWAN Vertical segment.
  • 03/01/14: Total 2180 offices are connected under the RajSWAN Project and 1980 users are using RajSWAN Network Services in these offices.
  • 27-01-2014: SecLAN has been integrated with RajSWAN network. All IP phones are migrated to RajSWAN and changed from 4 digit to 5 digit numbering scheme.
  • 31-01-2014:  RajSWAN vertical segment has been declared Go-Live w.e.f 01/02/2014.
  • 20-02-2014:Total 2562 offices are connected under the RajSWAN Project and 2894 users are using RajSWAN Network Services in these offices.
  • 18-02-2014:“Jan Sunawayi” was conducted through Video Conferencing using RajSWAN Network and departmental V-Sat mobile van  in Bharatpur division IT Seva Kendra by Hon’ble Chief Minister.
  • 05-03-2014:Total 2593 offices are connected under the RajSWAN Project and 3052 users are using RajSWAN Network Services in these offices.
  • 18-03-2014 : M/s TCIL has started horizontal PAT and also working on closing the pending points in vertical PAT/FAT.
  • 07-04-2014:  Total 2772 offices are connected under the RajSWAN Project and 3277 users are using RajSWAN Network Services in these offices.


  • Commencement of the Partial Acceptance Test (PAT) for Horizontal segment and  Final Acceptance Test (FAT) for Vertical and Horizontal Segment.
  • Commissioning of Horizontal Segment by declaring go-live after PAT completion.
  • Commencement of the Operations & Maintenance Phase (5 Years).

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